6 Prettiest Beach Wedding Photo Ideas  

Featuring 70 miles of coastline, San Diego is well known for its warm weather, fine-dining, shopping centers awesome museums and a variety of activities. Going to the beach is a must-do activity when visiting this city and there are many different beaches to choose from for photography.

• Coronado Beach

• Pacific Beach

• Ocean Beach

• La Jolla Shores

• Mission Beach

• Silver Strand

• Windansea Beach

Few of them are ideal for surfing and kayaking, while others are perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. It really depends on what you’re hoping to find. But for wedding photography, these beaches give you perfect shots that is memorable for long.

Searching for ideas for fantastic beach wedding photos that really make the most of your coastal location?

If you have a beach wedding remember that not all the photos have to be taken on the sand. Remind your San Diego Wedding Photographer for the same. It’s easy for them to do so and your dress allows, wander up to the higher points on the cliff top for photographs with panoramic views as your backdrop.

To often couples save their beach wedding shots for their portraits. We say gather together with your girls and groomsmen and have some fantastic photos together by the water’s edge.

However, you probably chose a beach wedding for two reasons first, because you love the sunshine that so often goes with them. Secondly, because you love the ocean. These reasons deserve to be celebrated, so scout out of your location for piers to wander along, boats to sail or any other unique photography opportunities that will get a bride and groom close to the sparkling water without getting soaked.

And of course, the last shot you could be bold and dip your toes in- but Top International Wedding Photographers like Dilanattas recommend it if you have got a second dress to change into! Get your groom to remove his jacket or blazer, lean back and relax in your bohemian dress and let your photographer shoot a natural embrace by the water in your first hours as husband and wife.

Can you resist seeing more of these stunning wedding? Book your Best Photographer in San Diego for fine art and candid wedding photography.


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