All-Natural Means to Unlock One’s True Brain  

Nootropics are compounds that better brain function. The problem is understanding what “nootropics” actually are.

With the numerous ways to enhancebrain function, it would be right to look at nootropics one at a time.

L-theanine – calm awareness, mental endurance, and reaction time

L-theanine is a prime constituent of green and black tea. Theanine itself supports relaxation, awareness, and arousal.

Theanine works in synergy with caffeine, as well. The two boost reaction time, mental endurance, and memory. How can people get their theanine?

A good source is AOR Zen Theanine. The supplement consists of active L-theanine of 225mg. Going by studies, theanine promotes alpha-wave brain activity. The activity isconnected to states of stress-free, serene wakeful awarenesswitnessedat times of meditation and biofeedback.

Two more nootropics for cognitive support

There is Wide-ranging epidemiological proof of people consuming Japanese green tea in high amount

· Living longer

· Having more mental focus

· Having proper cholesterol levels

· Being less afflicted with cardiovascular and liver ailment

· Possibly being not as prone to heart attacks

The most scientific research on the health-boosting effects of green tea in humans states Japanese sencha as the winner. Japanese sencha can consist of EgCG of some 150 milligrams in a cup.

Green tea extract andEgCG are present in supplements. An example is AOR Active Green Tea (EGCG). The supplement has Green Tea Extract of 700 mg and EgCG of 315mg in 455mg of Total Catechins. Besides the health benefits mentioned above, EgCG promotes a state of calm awareness.

Citicoline supports the synthesis of new phospholipids in the body in physiological balance and thus supports brain structure. Citicoline supports optimum cognitive function. AOR Citicoline is a good Citicoline supplement for cognitive support. is an excellent place to buy the above supplement from. One reason is the attractive discounts that the online store offers.


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