AOR BioFolate: Health Benefits  


The struggle to find a supplement that delivers on exactly what the manufacturer says is real (trust me I have tried). Most of these products advertised online have one thing in common, false promises. It is bad enough that you have a deteriorating health, having to deal on whether you are getting the right nutrients from supplements is just not fair. This is why has come to change the narrative that has been set by their predecessors. offers a range of products that will not only boost your health but also have the best quality. prides itself on honesty, customer service and ethics therefore their products reflect all these qualities.

AOR BioFolate is one of the supplements from BioFolate is required for the DNA and RNA synthesis which is very important during pregnancy. This supplement is an infusion of folic acid and vitamin B12 in their active forms. AOR BioFolate promotes cardiovascular health, production of red blood cells (which increase blood in the body) genetic functioning and protein synthesis.

BioFolate deficiency in the body can cause a myriad of problems. It is recommended that mothers who are pregnant take this supplement for the safety of the infant. Studies show that lack of Folate causes neural tube defects in developing infants. People suffering from certain conditions are more vulnerable to Folate deficiency such as alcoholism, gluten sensitivity, sickle cell disease and others. This supplement is very helpful to people who have the gene mutation that prevents them from naturally absorbing folate that is provided by a diet and convert it into a biologically active one. Research shows that high intake of AOR BioFolate leads to higher chances of leading a healthy life. The availability of this supplement in the body reduces a lot of diseases.

AOR cardio Mag 2.0 is one of the many supplements that can be found in our online shop You can expect the best deals from our shop when you order your AOR BioFolate. The prices are affordable and the supplements are worth it. They are infused with natural ingredients and can be taken by the whole family including children.

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