Natural Vitamin D supplementation and Stress Support  

An increasing number of Naturopaths and GPs are prescribing their patients with more VITAMIN D supplements.

There was a time 400IU was regarded as suitable for supplementation. However, more and moreGPs are now prescribing between 1000 and 4000IU daily. And 10,000IU daily is believed to safe and essential based on

· The condition

· The fact that it’s being administered under the guidance of a healthcare provider

The best form of Vitamin D supplementation is D3.

Two forms of quality Vitamin D supplementation

AOR VITAMIN D3 1000 IU is extracted from lichen. It rapidly converts to 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol in the body and has a role in good health. The supplementsupports the growth and maintenance of bones and helps the body absorb and use phosphorus and calcium.

Vitamin D affects health in various ways, and so people of all aged must have an adequate quantity of vitamin D. The AOR Vitamin D3 Liquid comes in adult as well askids’ formulas. This liquid formula gets easily absorbed and is perfect for kids and individuals who are not comfortable swallowing capsules. The pack has a calibrated dropper that guarantees precise doses.

An all-Natural stress support

Stress is considered to bean adverse factor in the daily lives of people. However, it’s necessary. Living with no stress is boring. Stress is good when it is balanced. The thresholds for stress varies among people.

Adaptogens refer to nutrients that help people manage all stressors. They bring about balance in the human body. They enhance the ability of people to adjust their internal environment with changes in the outside environment.

AOR Ortho Adapt is a synergistic mix of herbs, glandular extracts, and adrenal nutrients that include pantethine and Vitamin C. It’s the right add on to the supplement regimen of those under much stress or wish to optimize their adrenal function.

Many practitioners recommend this Adaptogenic Formula for managing stress. It comes at a discount on


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